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the state passes jessica's law. and bill, why are you afraid to confront new york governor andrew cuomo on jessica's law? >> a number of hard hitting reports on the governor. we now believe that like governor christie in new jersey he will sign jessica's law if it gets to his desk and we're working on that. not easy in new york. new jersey we did it and now we're coming here. william, liverpool, england. bill, this year i did not drink on st. patrick's day instead donated 50 pounds to charity. well, a tip of the hot to you, william. thanks for taking my tip of the day. bill from california i was disgusted by jesse watters showing teenagers inebriated at st. patrick's day. and arc gnaw, brit hume looked hot last night in his sweater.
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so let me get this straight, kay, you are saying that mr. hume looked hot, as in smoking? that's got to make his week. i don't think he ever heard that before. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day, had to read a lot of fiction because so much real stuff to digest, i have more homework than most kids. and it's a very exciting book, much better than washington tv and may keep you up nights. factor tip of the day, check out "six years." that's it for tonight. we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world., name and town, name and town and the word of the day, do not be impetuous when writing the factor. it's nothing to do with dogs and cats. do not be impetuous. if you're he watchiwatching fro
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exotic place on the globe, let us know. we'll read them tomorrow. i'm bill o'reilly, remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you.
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apparently full of chlorine, it remains unclear who is behind this attack the white house is expressing skepticism over the claim rebels are to blame. watch this. >> we have no evidence that substantiate that's charge. we're skeptical of a regime that might make that charge given the regime has lost all credibility of the people in the world. having said that we're assessing the reports and without getting into intelligence matters and
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methods, i can tell you that we're making evaluations about the reports. >> greta: -- . >> sean: now, questions are being raised about whether or not the u.s. should intervene in the two-year civil war. you may recall last year, the president said the use of chemical weapons against the syrian people would constitute a red line. remember this? >> we have been very quick to the outside regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my equation. >> sean: as that red line crossed in seara. how will these dramatic developments impact the president's trip to israel? joining me now is colonel oliver north and juan williams, welcome back to "hannity".
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>> good evening. >> sean: juan let's go country by country. north korea threatens to nuke us. they have a video showing them blowing up our capitol. what has obama done? nothing. china, they're stealing our secrets. what has obama done? nothing. iran's advancements of nuclear weapons? nothing. russian flying over american air space? what happened. nothing. the only thing i see this president is doing is kissing the backside of the muslim brotherhood leader by giving him $250,000 taxpayer dollars and f 16 jets what. is he going to do about these acts after gregs? >> you know, i get diplomacy don't appeal to you. i guess sanctions don't appeal to you. what appeals to you is going to war. >> sean: i said asked you a question.
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what is he going to do, juan? >> okay. let's take a look at iran. we've imposed sanctions and sent a fleet out there so we have fleets in the area. >> sean: sanctions are not working. >> we sent military armtments to the area to make it clear, don't mess around. we have been talking it's been very clear we have been talking with the chinese. talking in every way. look at syria right now. we're fact supporting having arms sent in the rebels through not only saudi arabia, you look at support we're offering to turkey in terms of the people fleeing. take a look at jordan to try to buck up the rebels so they can defeat assad. these are real steps. >> sean: colonel i see a weak president being run over because the he does nothing. i can't imagine them flying
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arms over our space with nuclear weapons and nothing happening. >> we're seeing consequences of bidding from hinld. let's deal with what we saw this morning. i've seen reports and unclassified version of it. we've seen the footage that came out of today. it does not appear to me as a person who understands a little bit about chemical weapons about 10 years ago today wearing a chemical suit you may remember and broadcasting on your show. thon footage you're watching now there is no evidence of anyone suffering from exposure, whether it's propaganda on part of the rebels or government it appears to me there is a person who understands what consequences would be, there is nobody that can suffer with chemical weapons. >> sean: what about the reporter of the chlorine smell? 31 dead? >> i don't want to take any
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thing from our colleagues but when a large munition like a war scud goes off you smell ammonia gas and something that smells like chlorine. again, i don't see any evidence that people are suffering from chemical agents. >> sean: let's look at bigger picture, north korea, china, iran. >> i'm with you. look. >> sean: go head. >> i don't want to run out of time on this. if we wanted to stop the north koreans from being able to build nuclear weapons and means of delivering them and iranians from getting their hands on the technology, we can do it. we've never imposed the kinds of sanction that's say if you do business with iran or north korea you cannot do business here in the united states. this administration could, and should do thats a last step before we resort to the use of arms. >> sean: let me show this video. not only are they threatening to nuke the united states now,
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they're putting out videos where they're showing this weaponry. there you go. what has obama done and said about flying over our air space with nuclear weapons? nothing what. has he done in the case of the cyber attack by china? nothing. only one he seems to be sucking up to is oliver north. >> that is just not true. oliver north says people are trying to sucker us into a war. >> sean: did i say war? >> they want our people on the ground. these guy this, guy is a baffo. on putting out a tape and sean hannity wants to start a war. it doesn't make sense, sean. >> sean: did i ever say start a war? >> you want to know -- i want to know you dismiss diplomacy.
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>> sean: under george bush or ronald reagan, can i see a president doing nothing time and time again and the only people he seems to be nice to are radicals like mohammed morsi. >> we've got gon to the oouts united nations. some times oh, good grieve. he's aloud himself and hope the united nations is going to somehow stop or north koreans. they've done it. iranians will do it, too. and this is unless they impose kinds of sanctions if have you a business doing business with these countries dmoukt business in the united states. >> do you think the world by these acts after gregs is how i view them, do you they they perceive barack obama as weak?
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>> they're hoping for leadership from the front. they're not getting it today. >> nobody thinks america is weak. anyone who does needs to look at what we did. we have put men on the ground. and accomplished our mission. it's time for the american foam say enough of the war. >> i see him as weak. i think the president is weak. that is a shame. because do you know what? america needs to be strong. if we don't fill the void and step up and lead from the front then i shoulder to think who will lead. we need to debunk the muslim brotherhood. thank you both. >> you're welcome. >> sean: coming up next described as someone who comes from the hugo chavez sean penn wing of the radical democratic party. did you know thomas e perez is poised to become the next labor secretary? when we return, battling it it out over the controversial obama nominee. then, outrage over the new
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show "the bible" with record ratings. some saying one character, that one there who plays a devil in this series looks like obama. what do you say? straight ahead. ♪ [ slap! ]
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>> all right. of move over chuck hagel and john brennan, because barack obama has found another radical for the controversial cabinet. this time the nominee to be the next labor secretary. thomas e perez currently
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oversees the civil rights division and to no one's surprise he has a long history of controversy. and don't take my word for it. when he was floated as a potential pick, jay adams had this to say about his former colleague when he spoke "the great one" mark levin. >> tell us about this fellow perez before he went into the justice department. >> well, he's a radical's radical, used to be maryland, and worked with the-- he's an extreme radical, anti-business, a racialist to the core. >> can you imagine this man in charge of the labor department, the total leapt. >> totally lawless, this is a man for whom law is a nuisance. >> joining me now with the reaction from americans for
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justice, jay sekulow and congressman dennis kucinich. you didn't like when the black panthers were outside with the batons the polling place in philly, you didn't like that. >> that case didn't have anything to do with secretary designate perez. >> actually, it did. the issue came up with the new black panther case in which the inspector general reviewed the case and supported the accusation that there is racial hostility within the civil rights division within the doj when it comes to enforcing civil rights laws and equally when the defendant in the case is black, and the victim in the case is white, and in particular, that existed under mr. perez's civil rights division. >> no, actually the black-- the new black panther party case was resolved before mr. perez joined the justice department. >> sean: and i'm telling you what the inspector general reviewed. >> the inspector general reviewed whether or not there was conflict in that division. yes, there was. there was conflict between
9:18 pm
careerists and political appointees. >> sean: he's a radical's radical and-- >> come on, that's not content. >> radical, radical, radical, buzz, buzz, buzz, that's not content. what does he stand for, stood for workers. >> sean: jay. >> he stands for what george soros stands for. this guy nominated to be the secretary of labor and perez is in fact-- several of those he was on funded by george soros. the fact of the matter is not particularly just the case of the new black panther party, it's the pervasive display that took place inside of the justice department where the idea and application of the law was being filtered through a lens that's not the way the law is written and that's the real problem with mr. perez. >> sean: explain the inspector general's report. >> well, you've got the voting rights act. >> yeah, but look, that's-- none of this justifies the fact that the inspector
9:19 pm
general himself in their report said that the stripe and the politicalization and the way in which the voting rights act was problematic. there was no violation of the law per se. we get that. if you look the at the political nature of the appointed this is a george soros designee being appointed as secretary of labor and that's frightening, sean. >> and racial hostility-- aren't they saying racial hostility within the civil rights division of the doj? >> right. >> that's exactly what they said, actually and they were not applying the law when it came to suppression of other groups. first of all, you talk about the new black panther party. >> section five-- >> that's symptomatic of the problem in the justice department. not applying the voting rights act the way it was to be applied. >> sean: that's what you're taking issue with the inspector general report? >> section 5 of the voting rights act, congressional, as well as the practice-- i'm answering the question and
9:20 pm
get to what the ig is talking about. the voting rights act understands and contemplates that minorities have been historically discriminated against and this is something that mr. perez is familiar with and it's his job to make sure that such-- >> dennis, i asked you a different question. i asked you what the inspector general report says, the accusation is racial hostility within the civil rights division of the doj. does that bother you? do you think that's a lie? >> perez is not racially hostile. mr. perez is someone who has served administrations, not only-- >> then why did they make the accusation, did it come out of nowhere? >> they're not saying that he is a racist. >> charge of it-- >> so why are we making this a racial thing? why aren't we asking about his qualifications. >> and the right to work and people are saying-- this is a smear campaign. >> you've got to look at the voting rights act and if you
9:21 pm
want to talk about context, here is in context. you've got a group in front of a voting booth or voting station and they've got batons and say the people are hispanic and are you saying that the voting rights act apply? >> any attempt to impede anyone's progress to vote. >> anyone's progress. >> by definition can be prosecuted in a state court and the justice department, as you know the justice department-- >> can be. >> dismissed the whole idea. >> they took the position that's only applied to a particular group and it does not apply as it's meant to apply, voter intimtation and-- >> wait, wait, wait, hang on, dennis, i've got a question for you, wait a minute, you've seen the pictures. you've seen the images, dennis of those guys in front of the philly polling booth. don't you think that that was a violation of voting rights act? >> look, anybody who's inside of any--
9:22 pm
near any polling place anywhere whether you're carrying a sign or baton if you're within the flag get in trouble with-- the overall question here is what does perez have to do with this? absolutely nothing. this is a red herring. >> he was the chief of the division. >> sean: jay last word. >> he was the chief of the division and set the policy. >> but that happened before he was in the position he's in. that's what i'm trying to tell you. you should know that. >> no, he's been consistent position until today. and he's been in charge of that. >> it happened after he was already in office. it happened before he was in. >> sean: all right. >> that's something you've got to pay attention to. >> sean: we've got to run. >> the facts are the fact. >> i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. >> hillary clinton is just the latest democrat to evolve on gay marriage, but she's not alone. we're background going to demonstrate how other members of her party have flipped and flopped, and flopped and flipped in order to win election.
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>> lgbt americans are our
9:27 pm
colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. that's why i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. >> sean: oh, boy. that was hillary clinton reading from a teleprompter and coming out in support of same sex marriage in a human rights campaign video and a flip-flop from her past position. another position that she's setting her sights on the oval office in 2016. and she's not the only one who evolved, president obama flipped and flopped and flipped back. remember this. >> what i believe is that marriage is between it a man and woman. i'm not in favor of gay
9:28 pm
marriage, i'm in favor of civil unions. >> define marriage. >> i believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> i'm not somebody promote same-sex marriage. >> at a certain point i concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> sean: and in other words, here, just like hillary clinton, he will take whatever position he thinks is necessary just to win the election. jing me now with reaction, former aide to senator john kerry. adjunct professor mark hannan and radio talk, our good friend dennis is back. obama flipped and flopped and flipped. he was for gay marriage and then against gay marriage when running for president and now he's for gay marriage now that he got elected again. is that political expediency or just having trouble with the issue? >> i think you think it's political expediency. >> sean: yeah, obvious.
9:29 pm
>> let me quote winston churchill if i might. >> sean: i love when liberals quote churchill. >> let me hear the quote. >> said if you don't have the ability to change your mind, are you sure you still have one. look the fact of the matter is-- >> change your mind for, against, and for again. >> hillary clinton is coming out and disingenuous, but the fact of the matter is republican governor of ohio did this days earlier the rnc put out a report saying we need to quote, unquote, evolve and party of stoogy old white men-- >> i know you want to turn this into a republican issue. when obama does it at one point he has a real position, he's for it. >> sure. >> sean: then he's running for president, polls don't show he's in agreement with the american people and then he's against it and gets reelected and now i can be for it again. now what? that is what everything everybody i know, dennis praguer, hates about politicians.
9:30 pm
god bless her, i like hillary clinton in some ways, i've got to tell you something, that's so phony, i want to read this prompter and tell you. it didn't seem sincere. >> we've got to be clear, it's a flip-flop as they say in the case of the president because he knew it was not popular when he was running in 2008 and he knows it's popular now and that's fine and maybe he sincerely changed his mind, but i believe originally he was for same-sex marriage. the thing is that what you just said is a very important point and i'd like to address it about stoogy old republicans or men or/and women. >> sean: and the republican as well. >> rand paul changed his position on immigration reform. >> let's-- it's too complex, this subject, to go to another one. >>. >> it's equal opportunity on hypocrisy here. >> and the repercussions of changing the definition of marriage. something progressives, liberals, leftists, whatever
9:31 pm
you want to call them do regularly. they have a very strong sense of compassion, they make a policy, the policy often and usually doesn't work, but it doesn't matter because it's stage one thinking. leftism is rooted in the heart. i have as much compassion for gays as the president, but i don't want to redefine marriage to state that-- >> we're talking about a policy position though, not the flip-flop as you call it or the changing of the mind. >> sean: you know why you're so-- hang on a second. you know why you're so committed to the flip-flop issue you're for the guy who says i voted for it before i voted against it. >> and you know how that sounds, i voted for the 87 billion before you-- >> i know you've worked in the private sector and i have worked in the private sector, poll it tigsiticians have to gr die. >> say what the people want to hear and change your mind-- >> 87% of young people want
9:32 pm
to-- >> you want to debate the issue and i'm talking about the character of the candidates and why they change and arguing expediency. >> may i ask you a quick question. >> sean: you're not the host. >> you don't think it was political expediency for the president to say in 2008 that he was against same-sex marriage? >> there's one thing to market yourself and i think the president and hillary is authentic just like when sean said after the election he wants to evolve-- >> forget the first phrase which was totally consistent, control the borders first and i've never changed. >> and the context that wasn't included, come on. >> sean: there's no context when you go for gay marriage, against gay marriage, for gay marriage. and first of all, "the bible" the series is amazing and roma downey and her husband mark burnett on the program and they are getting massive numbers for cable, almost like american idol, you don't see
9:33 pm
in cable news or cable channel and that's on the bible, and the person that was playing the devil, well, we'll put it up on the screen. some people are saying it looks like barack obama. when i was watching it this weekend, i turned it my wife and i said whoa, she looked back at me and said, whoa, i think it looks like him. do you? >> i think it does, but i don't see what the point is other than to draw an association between the devil and the president. i mean, that's pretty-- >> if you were running a campaign that would be a great political ad, sean, but-- >> i don't think there's anything intentional. it's not the devil and-- >> no, no one is calling him the devil. >> you just put it on your screen and by implication. >> sean: did i call him the devil? >> and you're showing the comparison. >> sean: i put you on the screen and i'm not calling you the devil. >> you didn't put me next to the devil-- >>, but in the show, and the question is i believe that it wasn't intentionally done because apparently this guy played this character before.
9:34 pm
>> are people accusing them? >> yeah. >> that's silly. >> sean: i agree-- >> and amused by it and why i put it on the screen. >> and they're getting the ratings they are, there is a thirst for some morning, the same-sex issue is that example. everyone who says that marriage should be redefined says that christianity is immoral and dead among. >> and judaism is dead wrong-- >> i've been a catholic and i could be by the progressive world view, but i don't hear that from my priest and-- >> are you pro gay marriage. >> i'm pro marriage equality. >> are you pro-abortion. >> i'm pro choice, but these are more complex issues. >> sean: you're at odds with your church and-- you're at odds with the church on this issue. >> your new pope is-- >> with the catechism of the catholic charge and at odds
9:35 pm
with the bible-- >> the bible is pretty clear that it does have a heterosexual ideal and-- we can talk about usery being immortal as well and-- >> gentlemen, thank you, and next on hannity. >> do you think that's a serious threat that the u.s. government could come after our private bank deposits? >> yes, i do. >> sean: could the federal government seize your personal savings in your bank account during an economic crisis? one financial expert is sounding that alarm. when he we come back, stuart varney and dana perino will join me for reaction. and star parker, behind this controversy commercial, to jim crow laws. and we want you to follow the live show and share your tossing and turning have given way to sleeping.
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>> do you really think that's a serious threat, that the u.s. government could come after our private bank deposits? >> yes, i do. they may not confiscate it as cyprus tried to do. there are plenty of ways to get at it. put it under the guise of maintaining stability, but yes, it's a valid concern and bank defenders will not acknowledge it. >> sean: that is with a financial expert keith fitz-gerald with a disturbing analysis on varney and company. that comes on the same day as officials in the small island nation of cyprus turned down a plan to dip into the funds of its citizens. that plan had been the floated in order to fund the euro zone bailout plan and would have allowed the cyprus government to seize a portion of the depositors savings accounts. although the parliament rejected the so-called bank
9:41 pm
deposit tax this afternoon, uncertainty how the country will fund its bailout remanges. now, all of this put the financial markets on edge for the day and as you heard, it's raising many concerns that such radical measures could one day be taken in america. is that possible? joining me now with reaction from the fox business network, stuart varney and co-host of "the five" dana perino. you say it better than i do. >> my name? his name, stuart varney. >> sean: and saying that there's a debt crisis. >> i don't agree with either one of them. >> the lesson from cyprus is simple. there are two lessons. all governments should get a grip on its debt. america is not getting a grip on its debt, it should. don't ever threaten to take the private bank accounts of ordinary citizens, because if you do, you will have a
9:42 pm
revolt. those are two lessons. >> sean: all hell would break loose, i mean, it would be ugly. the streets, people violence, agree? >> yes, i do, except for i think it's a little like calling in the black helicopters when we're talking about this because it's not going to happen here, at least not for the next 60, 70 years and we have a problem and a crisis. but we have time to deal with it. but we don't have the same type of system and the problem of the russians putting money in the system. >> you're forgetting something. america can print as many dollars as it wants to. cyprus cannot print the euros. and what the cypriots did with the idea of stealing people's private money put the fear into bank accounts the world over. >> sean: we have the solution right before our very eyes. it's in north dakota, unemployment at 3%, they're
9:43 pm
building schools and hospita hospitals. people are getting six-figure jobs that know nothing about the oil industry. >> that's a great point. what was the solution that the russians offered, give us the exploration rights to your natural gas and we'll fix the problem. we can fix our own problems, right. >> all america wants to do is get the resources which are ours, and if it went gung-ho for the oil and gas under our own territory, you could have 4, 5, 6% growth for the american economy and a long way toward solving the debt problem. >> sean: here is the new world order as relates to fossil fuels. we have more oil, fossil fuel energy than iraq, iran and saudi arabia combined. we have it all. especially with the new technology. that means what's happening in north dakota could happen in the entire country. and we could get out of our debt. we could get out of our deficits, we could save social security, medicare and have an economic growth boom that we haven't seen in a long time. >> california alone in one
9:44 pm
shale oil field has 100 billion barrels of oil. that is california. >> sean: how stupid, we are a stupid country. we're stupid because we allow the government-- why are you looking at me. >> i'm agreeing with you. >> sean: we're a stupid country. >> we need to get out of our own way, but this is a little bit after small detail, but a very important one for business and for america to understand. last week, one of the rules of the obama administration put out was to say that if you're going forward with any sort of project you're going to have to tell us how much carbon that will put out into the-- so it's called the nipa analysis and that's like putting a ten pound weight on everybody's ankle. >> sean: that's a hundred pound weight. >> it sounds like a minor bureaucratic detail, but it will strangle-- >> you guys will weigh in and i hope you'll pick a fight with you here. i've got to tell you, dana, they're not doing this, not
9:45 pm
taking this message to the american people. if you tell the american people we can save social security, medicare, balance the budget get out of our financial troubles, build schools in your community and prisons whatever else they need to build, we'll have a lot of money left over. why aren't the republicans wrapping their arms around this and screaming it from the roof tops? >> republicans do not the have someone who is pounding the table with a positive message about growth, prosperity and the economy. >> sean: come on, stuart. >> i can do it. >> sean: why isn't someone doing that? i don't know. >> there doesn't seem to be an articulate leader in the republican party who will get out there who says we need growth, prosperity and energy. >> sean: and they don't have message discipline. you have message discipline when you were in the white house. >> i worked with somebody who had principles so it's easy to have message discipline when you know what thr hno whknow wh. >> sean: and-- >> i was thinking of a different comparison. >> sean: lies and demagogues. where are the republicans
9:46 pm
though? why don't they have the message discipline like the white house would have? >> well, that's harder. when you have the white house it's easier, you have the blunt instrument, the podium every day and the president put him out there and live tv all the time and every newspaper covers you. if you're a congressman like david nunez who does a lot on energy stuff, he doesn't have the microphone to amplify this. >> sean: steny hoyer in an interview used the word "balance" obama's word, eight times and every has their own agenda. >> you can see it in the morning, if something is said on a certain cable news program by a democrat, you know by the end of the day everybody will use the same line. >> sean: and that's the entire news programming. >> it's kind of annoying, oh, today the word is "balance." . >> i'm looking for a republican who will pound the table on the words growth and prosperity. >> i think you need to look at the governor on the energy side of things, i think the governors are doing a better job and collectively even if
9:47 pm
they're democrat, there are 30 republican governors, and 20 democrats, come together and to say that president obama, we've got your back on the keystone pipeline, let us have it, let us take the shackles off. >> sean: that's only the tip of the iceberg. >> shell oil told me the other day. >> sean: hofmeister. >> if you liberate america's fossil fuel you'll have 7% growth in the american account. >> sean: we would unleash prosperity we've-- >> that's reaganesque. >> sean: good to see you. did you like your chyron tonight? >> i didn't he see it, were you confronting the establishment? >> inside joke. and coming up next, the controversial ad has been released that compares efforts to limit your second amendment rights to jim crow laws. not surprisingly, it's raising eyebrows. star parker is joining me next and respond to critics. you probably didn't know the senate hair care center, certainly aren't aware that
9:48 pm
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>> part of the gun control debate continues to inflame both sides. one that israeli brought up,
9:52 pm
firearms crackdown on the community. and to remind americans of laws that one time banned african-americans in the country from owning guns. watch this. >> ♪ ♪ >> and as you can imagine the ad ad's-- the height of this controversy, joining me to respond to her critics, the woman who is behind the ad, star parker. welcome back. >> thank you, good to be back with you, sean. >> sean: you've heard the criticism, reaction? >> well, it's a controversial
9:53 pm
ad, i'm sure, it makes people very uncomfortable to point to that point in time in american history, but we must. we must because the senate, the democrats in the senate are insistent on passing background check laws. they're insistent on looking at the second amendment and saying some people, some americans should not be able to exercise the right to bear arms. and so, i thought it appropriate to remind americans that we've been here before. you have to ask yourselves, we need to ask ourselves, how is it that 5% of the population, the kkk, 6 million people in the the country of more than 100 million, how is it that that 5% were able to wreak havoc offer 4 million new citizens, former slaves? one of the ways, they systematically, the democrats in power, democrats in political power in the south systematically passed gun control laws in black code so that blacks would not be able to exercise their right to bear arms. when he we start talking-- what? >> do you think that's the motive of some people now?
9:54 pm
>> background checks, oh, come on, these are the same democrats that gave us obamacare and said once we pass it you'll find out what's in it. let me tell you something about the background check discussion that we don't get a chance to ask about. how do we know what the qualifiers are going to be? and i think that all americans should be concerned about the qualifiers, if they're saying that if you had any mental problem in your background. does that mean they're going to ask questions about abortion? e abortion according to the studies have a tendency to have mental challenges later on. are we going to start asking about divorce? when you look at what happened at sandy hook, the woman who bought the weapons that her son stole, she had gotten a divorce and out drinking. are we going to ask about drinking patterns and medical records in general? i think we should know what's in this before we start saying it's a good idea to do background checks. >> sean: we hear a lot about black on black crime. we see the violence now that's unfolding before our eyes in
9:55 pm
chicago. one particular case, i don't know if you know the little girl, five-year-old girl was slaughtered and many instances like this, and do you think that if people live in a dangerous neighborhood, put race aside, should they have guns to protect themselves? >> this is what the second amendment is about. not just protecting ourselves against tyrannical politicians like what's occurring in the united states senate at the hands of the democrats, but also the politicians in the state, but also to protect ourselves and our interests. and when you look at what's happened to the black community after leaving the jim crow and moving into this relationship with federal government to think they're the solve-all, what has happened they have not exercised this right. so blacks own, 16% of blacks own guns compared to the white community 43% of whites exercise this constitutional right. so you have an unarmed population that's concentrated. we also have other challenges in black communities because
9:56 pm
of the welfare state has dismantled family life so this is a very vulnerable time and it's a very vulnerable community that are isolated. what we've done 4,000 housing projects and placed single women there with children and they're unarmed. yes, it's directly attached to the fact that the criminals will always get arms and they're wreaking havoc in the inner city communities. >> sean: star parker, thank you, we appreciate your time. coming up we'll find out how much money the senate, your elected officials, each and every year tax dollars especially during sequestration. fear not. one official has a plan to stop the madness and probably anger a lot of senators. they like their hair cuts and [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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